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to all you poeple who think story of the year is emo, you are morons. they are rock, not emo.

An amazing rock band. Made up of 5 amazing, nice, hilarious guys. Who have made 2 amazing CD's. Page avenue, and in the wake of determination. Which is made up of a mix of rock, metal and 80's type music. They are all amazing at their instruments.
Story of the year is the best band in the entire world... They make amazing music. I love them all.
by Kat12 December 21, 2005

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THEY ARE NOT EMO! They do not sing about killing themselves and about how much they hate their lives. all you people who say they are emo are basing that on their song "until the day i die" which is probably the only song you would know. and that's not even about killing themselves. its about being in the band and having good times. so stop thinking they are emo. because they are not.
story of the year are the most amazing band in the world. they are not emo, but rock. they make beautiful music.
by Kat12 January 11, 2006

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an amazing punk/rock band. who makes good music and has been doing so for years. they are not posers, and anyone who thinks so is stupid. you can never compare blink 182 to simple plan because they are completely different bands, and genres and are from different times.
blink 182 is a great band and people who don't think that are stupid.
by Kat12 December 21, 2005

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