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A guild in Gaia's massive GGN network. They have called the shots in many events including rejected olympics, the zurg invasion, and many other things. They hold a surprising amount of influence and it's members are loyal to Gaia. The also fight against the "animated" on the MMORPG called Zomg! They are commonly referred to simply as the "GR"
Animated supporter: "Dude, I totally got pwned by a group of people from the gaian resistance!"
by Karo Kiba January 14, 2009

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If valentine's day falls on a weekend, or people have the next day off from school then they have a tendency to give pre-valentines gift if they are unable to see that person on the actual day itself.
The local high school hallways were crowded with pre-valentines day gifts on friday the 13th.
by Karo Kiba February 14, 2009

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When a parent tries to get you to meet/befriend a person by arranging/paying for activities to do with said person. Frangements aren't always successful, but they can sometimes be pretty epic!
Tara and Kiki met via frangement.
by Karo Kiba August 11, 2008

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