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Multiple Sclerosis
A disease that no can can see that you have while you go blind, lose your ability to walk and talk normally and eventually die seven years before you ordinarily would have.
Your immune system thinks your nerve coverings are an all you can eat buffet.
Man:You shouldn't be out in public when you're drunk.
Woman:I'm not drunk. I have multiple sclerosis.
by Karinmag June 25, 2016

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An incredibly stupid person. Usually found attempting to write a scathingly sarcastic comment and then misspelling the simple words in it. Also one who misspells swear words.
She attempted to call a lady in Wal-Mart a fat bitch who yells at her poor kids except she wrote porr and bich. What a simpleton!!
by Karinmag August 25, 2015

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