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In simple words it means 'question' or 'series of questions'. Its an urban legend that once there was a girl, full of energy, shiny as oryx gold and flowers for hair. The legend states that once she started asking questions, there was no end to it. She changed the game '21 questions' to '2100 questions' and she will never get tired of it. There was not a single man in the 7 realms who can answer her questions. It is only fair that we replace the word 'question' with the word 'Blanca'.
I have a Blanca.

Ladies and gentlemen, please hold your Blancas till the end.

Enough of your Blanca's.

What kind of Blanca is that? (This is an example of Blanca, in form of a Blanca).
I have answer to that Blanca.
by Kappa Kappa December 21, 2012
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