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Call him what you may. An asshole, a genius or a gayfish (even though its terribly old now). But one thing is for sure: the mainstream music industry needs him, and that is why he's so valuable. Anyone with any knowledge would know that Kanye has made one of the biggest impacts on hip-hop. The College Dropout was the mark of a new era in hip-hop. He was never the soulful rapper, he was the different one. From his high-pitched samples, all the way to working with John Mayer and Adam Levine. What people don't see is this: he started a foundation to help kids get through school, blamed himself for his mothers tragic death, and all people can look at is the Taylor Swift incident. Kanye may not be the best person in the world, but without him, music simply wouldn't be the same.
*Griffin turns on radio in 2005*
*Griffin turns on radio in 2010*
Griffin: Gayfish, he dissed ma girl Taylor.
by KanyeToThe February 21, 2011
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