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Invented in the mid 90 as a by-product of the handjob, a sexual favor in which a man's penis is manually stimulated by another person using only their left hand upside down aka "a backwards lefty"
A friend of mine asked me to stop at the bank and deposit some money for him, so I said I'd make the deposit in exchange for a Wade Boggs on Tuesday night and he counter-offered me a hand gallop on Wednesday, which I happily accepted.
by Kano4545 August 05, 2019

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A girl who pretends to be innocent and might mention on her online dating profile that she is not looking for sex, but nails every guy she goes out on a date with.
I went on a date with this chick I met online and I wasn't even going to put any moves on her because she said she doesn't have sex unless she has a boyfriend, so I agreed to be her boyfriend and next thing you know I got her bent over the couch. Then she broke up with me and I bumped into her a week later and she had a new boyfriend. Two weeks after that...you guessed it...new boyfriend. What a fucking trollop.
by Kano4545 May 13, 2020

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