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Tegan and Sara are an identical twin duo, who in the US sing on Sire records. Some of their hits include, Back in Your Head-Album:The Con, The Con-Album:The Con, Walking with a Ghost-Album: So Jealous. Tegan and Sara are considered in the genre Indie, but also Pop and Alternative. Tegan and Sara were born in Calgary, Tegan currently resides in Vancouver, BC, and Sara resides in Montreal, QC. They are both very funny and have the same sense of humor. They have worked with Hunter from AFI, and Chris Walla from Death Cab for Cutie on their album The Con.
Tegan and Sara: Spelled out your name and list the reasons Faint of heart dont call me back. I imagined you and i was distant not insistent. I followed suit and layed out on my back imagine that. A million hours left to think of you and think of that.
by Kaitlyntqsq January 26, 2008
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