2 definitions by Kacctus

the one kid in everyone's grade who's always stoned, drunk, or both. super gullible, dates girls who use him for things but he always thinks it's true love & doesn't listen to the people who do care about him. super insecure but only admits he is around his friends, kind of a dick to everyone else. really sweet to his friends unless dating a thooter (he always is). everyone assumes he's a bad kid but they just don't talk to him.
"hey look it's that one kid"

add me on snap- boodle.78
by Kacctus April 11, 2019
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someone who lives off attention like it's what she needs to survive & who wants anything with a peen. someone who is fake af & will make you want to jump in front of the short bus every time she comes around.
You're acting like a Jessica
by Kacctus April 11, 2019
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