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Ok, first of all... people who say, "oh it sucks and it's so boring i've been there a million times" I LIVE HERE IN MICHIGAN I THINK I WOULD KNOW A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN YOU. yeah.. it's boring.. but there arent "just cornfields" beleive it or not, there ARE beaches here... and sometimes it gets up to 100 degrees. It's NICE having 4 seasons... at least it's not just hot weather... im sorry.. but if i had to wake up christmas morning and not see snow... it wouldn't even feel like christmas. all im saying.. is that when all everyones saying is that there's ONLY cornfields and it's only BORING... that's not the truth, so if you don't even live here... and your saying stuff like that, then you can shut the fuck up, because the only people who REALLY know about michigan are the ones who LIVE here.
person from california: OH EM GEE!! eeew michigan... all they have is cornfields!!!!

person from michigan: shut the fuck up you dumb bitch.
by Kaaaaaaatie July 24, 2006
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