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An Italian last name derived from the region of Calabria. People with this last name are typically fighters and will defend their honor no matter what. They typically live in the regions of New Jersey and Maryland. They are semi famous around those areas. The name is now given to (been passed down and mixed with different races/ethinicities) people who are like .5% Italian and 99.5% Irish, but they claim the Italian side because everyone knows Italians do it better. Some are a part of the mafia. If you are a Calabrese, you are lucky.
Person 1: Aye that bad shawd is a Calabrese
Person 2: She's ugly

*both laugh*
Calabrese: BITCH THE FUCK YOU JUST SAY?!?!? *with machine gun*
*Person 1 and 2 run off*
by KNOWDAGIRL March 27, 2013
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