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LeetSpeek for about everything you can call a girl (Slut, Whore, Skank etc.) Also just as Skrut.
CS-Player- OMFG! He's So llama!!
Newbie- What a Skrutwhore!!
by JynKE April 12, 2005
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1. Phrase for Kids getting pissed at there school, that they force ther way into their school, with a firearm, and shoot's teachers and Pupils. Often they shoot themself after. School Shootings are often blamed at at violent games, like Counter-Strike and GTA.

2. Rap Song, by Ill Bill - The Anatomy of a School Shooting.
1. Sad Parents- Why Did He Do It?!?!
Police Officer- Probaly Because Of That Counter-Strike..
Mad CS Player- FUCK YOU!!

2. Dont Try To Analyse Me now/
You Had You Chance Back Then/
Maybe You Could Have Been Me friend/
by JynKE April 11, 2005
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Gun factory, that makes rifles and guns, for the US Army. The ones who maked the Colt m15a2, and a lot others.
by JynKE April 12, 2005
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