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white•knoll high•school
/whįtə ñołe hï šcōōł/

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Think of the worst place imaginable, then add drugs, teen pregnancy, nicotine addiction, douchie straight guys, racist and homophobic trump🤮 supporters, and guys who can’t keep their tiny micro dicks in their pants. That’s White Knoll! We have everything you could ever ask for! Like creepy teachers who look like the teacher in iCarly with the root and berry retreat, a hot coach who may be gay (and if so hit me up in a year and a half), and much more! Imagine a place where people still use being gay as an insult. (how closeted gay of you) Don’t even get me start on the selection of guys at this school, they are either really ugly or absolute dicks. There are probably 3 good guys at this school, and NO GAY GUYS!!!!!!! Come out y’all what is hold you back. Your “Straight” buddies are probably gay too. So in conclusion, white knoll is just an amazing place to spend 8 hours a day!
“What school do you go to?”
“White Knoll High School”
“You mean the school where a brother pushed his sister off the second floor?”
“Yup, That’s the one!”
by Justyourneighborhoodgayboy October 14, 2021
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