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A fun video game series that is loved by many. Most games in the series have an emotional and moving plot that keeps you playing. Unfortunately some of the fans are anime fanboys and fangirls who tend to overrate every game and get pissy when you mention that you like another Final Fantasy game, or even another series in general better than this game.
My opinion: I like Final Fantasy although I find Zelda to be a better game series. The games I have played are I, II, IV, VI, X, and XII. I liked I somewhat but I didn't really like II. VI is a great game but a bit overrated in my opinion. I loved the story of X. I enjoyed XII's gameplay but I found the story to be weak. I want to buy VII, VIII, and IX. My personal favourite game in the series is IV.
Comapared to
Fanboys opinion: OmG Lyk i Luv FinAL FanTAsy. VII iS TeH beSt AnD sEphIROth iS gOD. ANyBOdy wHo thINks OthErWiSE iS A FaG. U muSt LYk eVeRy GAmE Or ur NoTA fAn. U mUst Lyk THiS SeRIEs tEh bESt or ur noT a fAN. U MusT Lyk VII TeH BesT OR UR noT A fAn.
by JustAnotherOne April 5, 2008
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A very popular video game that is unfortunately overrated by fanboys and fangirls alike. They obsess over the game like it's a gift from heaven or something when they don't realize that it is infact, just a game like Mario or Zelda and nothing to get excited about. They think Sephiroth is god and have delusions that he is in fact real and will come to fuck them in the ass.
Stupid fangirl: Oh Sephiroth I want your big cock in my mouth.
Intelligent individual: Sephiroth has no cock. People who wield long ass swords have no cock.

Stupid fanboy: OmG THy R lYk RemAKiNg FInAl FaNTasY 7!!!!!
Me: Nobody gives a shit.
by JustAnotherOne April 5, 2008
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