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1. Thats when you wake up in the morning with a RAGING hard on as a result of the need to pee. It really has nothing to do with hormones... truly a mystery to us men. We just kind of wake up sometimes and think "awwwww NUTS I wanted to stay in bed, now I got to get rid of this thing by taking a pee." Even worse is the physical manuevers one must use in order to point the erection DOWNWARD. The average fellow knows nothing of acrobatics, but I would think a mans pee hard tactics are as unique as a finger print. I myself start with a brisk walk to warm the muscles and of coarse a few squat thrusts followed by a good stretch. I then remove my garments, place myself infront of the bathroom sink and raise my arms directly up towards the sky. In one fell swoop I give it one good cartwheel to the left which places me in a hand stand precisely infront of my toilet. I then exhale slowly, and begin urinating. I have found that listening to Mozart can sort of get things flowing.

2. Captain of the star ship Enterprise.
"pee hard - Urinary Erectosis"
Well an example would be of the time either your brother or dad woke up with one. Its best to talk to them about it.
by Just a boy with a dream November 10, 2010

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