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A stupid whore with bleached blond dyed hair with excess black roots, gel/ hairspray, highlights, and eyemake up. Extra fake boobs usually pop out of the "Italian Princess" shirt that was purchased 10 sized too small with an exposed long dangly silver belly button ring that was most likely pierced at a grimey stand on the board walk. Stretchy fake denim jeans in which the playboy G string will be exposed to accent the playboy bunny necklace that can be found around the neck.
You can find these specimens on myspace whoring themselves, on a guido's top eight, at any grimey club that plays DJ insane, or at local malls usually socializing with other guidos and guidettes.
If spotted, feel free to hock a loogie.
Katie: Hey, did you see that guidette?
Sam: Yeah, I hocked a loogie at her.
Jen: She was irish.
by Judgeram September 02, 2006
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