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A sport played between teams with the objective of eliminating the opposing players via paint filled capsules, propelled from a marker (read gun) powered by some sort of compressed air. A fun recreational activity known for adrenaline rush, can be categorized into woodsball--large arenas generally located outdoors, with vegetation and wooden objects to use as cover, and speedball--smaller arenas, using inflatable plastic "bunkers" for cover. Played by members of all race and class --despite what you may hear. While the occasional want-to-be-GI and annoying adolescent are not unknown, the vast majority of the paintball community recognizes it as pure recreational thrill. The only injuries sustained in paintball are due to carelessness(removal of protective equipment/tripping over your own feet). A majority of players are teen-young adult and white. Just like most every other sport.
Wanna play some paintball Sunday?

Shure, I'll meet you at the feild.
by Jp77 May 18, 2009

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