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Something from Wales, or the language of Wales - a small country of about 1m people, divided into counties.

A greatly successful tribe formed from people who originated from the mediterranean long before English and England was ever thought of. The Welsh language was spoken widely across southern Britain.

A few thousand years later the English took over what they called Wales and treated the Welsh rather badly. One great event was the Welsh Knot where children who spoke Welsh were made to wear a sign around their neck "Welsh Knot". Also laws were written in English only meaning that the Welsh could not understand them.

Due to this anti-Welsh attitute by the English the Welsh language was almost lost. A bible was written some years later in Welsh which is the basis of the modern Welsh language (Cymraeg).

Even in more modern times the Welsh are treated by the English as underdogs. England did not win the war! (WWII)

Some Welsh people dislike the English for very good reason. A lot of English people hate the Welsh - for no reason whatsoever.
Some English hate the Welsh because of their Welsh accents. They will never see that the worst accents in Europe come from the south-east of England.
He speaks Welsh.

He comes from Pwllheli, he is Welsh.

Welsh Assembly - current half-formed government for Wales created by Englishmen but not allowed to be taken further.
by Joseph Rowe August 16, 2009
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