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To ecstatically raise ones arms in the iconic style of Andy Dufrain from the Shawshank Redemption, whilst feeling a surge of uncontrollable euphoria during the breakdown phase of a trance track in a nightclub.
The muic was really emotional on Saturday, we were Shawshanking it all night.
by Joseph Evans April 01, 2007

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A term used in place of 'slap your face', inspired by the trance track 'Your Face' by 'Slacker'.
I ought to slacker your face!
by Joseph Evans April 02, 2007

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Colloquial name for canned 'all day breakfast'. So named due to the rancid nature of the contents included, evoking the aesthetic quality of rotting faeces. Originally coined by Lonk, who ironically ate this product on a regular basis, forming one of the staple foods of his diet.
"Mate, I'm having shit in a can for lunch."

"Didn't they use that stuff in 'Nam as a biological weapon against the Viet Cong?"

"I guess that would explain the rectal bleeding."

*Sound of can being opened*
by Joseph Evans August 17, 2009

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