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Stephen Fry, born August 24 1957, is a marvellously talented actor, writer and everything else, and general National Treasure. He is vastly knowledgeable and interesting, often spouting facts and quotes. He's appeared in such television programmes as QI, Blackadder, A Bit of Fry & Laurie, and Jeeves and Wooster. He is known for collaborating with his best friend and generally good chap Hugh Laurie, perhaps more widely-known as House M.D., in the latter three programmes. He is a published author and has a published autobiography entitled "Moab is My Washpot", and has also directed.
All-over good egg, loved by many Stephen Fry is quite a man. He's really tall too.
"Stephen Fry! What Ho!"
"Hello! Did you know that Hello was a word invented by Thomas Edison?"
"By jove Stephen, no I didn't! You are one handsomly intelligent creature!"
"Why thankyou Fred."
by Jop mcFopp August 24, 2007
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Astoundingly versatile, meaningless yet utterly meaningful word/sound. Can be used in any circumstance as a replacement for any word one can't find or remember, or merely as noise. Pla. Also the Welsh word for Plague, which adds humorous meaning to the word.
You is the PLAAAA
Hah yeah, she's so Pla. Y'pla.
I is the pla.
by Jop mcFopp August 24, 2007
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1.Cat's way of communication. Contradictory to popular beliefs, Maw is actually the noise made by CATS (see CAT- small furry animal), not Miaw. Whoever heard a cat say Meaow? or Meoaw? or Miaw?
Small cats whose vocal chords/boxes are not fully developed do tend to utter "Miw"s or "Miuw"s but never Meaow.
If the whole population simply referred to Maw as the noise made by a cat, it would be a much Mawer place.
2. Word overused by people with nothing more interesting to say. It's quite fun really. Maw.
Fred steps on cat's tail
Cat: MAW!

Fred strokes cat
Fred: Good Cat!
Cat: MAW!

Fred deprives cat of food
Cat: MAW!
Fred: Oh sorry Cat.

Fred fetches food for cat, and presently feeds it
Cat: MAW!
Fred: No problem, Cat.

Fred purchases dog
Cat: MAW!

Fred's Mother: So Fred, when are you getting married?
Fred: Maw. Marriage is so Maw. Get Mawed.
Fred's Mother: That's lovely dear.
Cat: MAW!
by Jop mcFopp August 24, 2007
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