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Blue ISIS is what many police officers act like in the United States. Its a mentality of a us the police v the citizens. We are the police we dont have to follow any laws. We can speed, we can park in disabled parking spots, we can have dark tints on our cars, we can have no front license plate when everyone else is required to, we can carry guns and we dont want the citizens to have any weapons at all. Blue ISIS dont want you to film them in public dispute there dash cams body cameras, they dont want you carrying a gun or any weapon dispute them carrying many weapons. We can beat people up and nothing will happen to us because we are the police. Blue ISIS will often where there thin blue line flag on there uniform, at there station, on there cars and homes. Blue ISIS is NOT your friend. Blue ISIS have BIG egos and will cover up other Blue ISIS so there brothers dont get into trouble. Blue ISIS will frame you for a crime if you give them a hard time.
Blue ISIS arrested me for filming them in public during an arrest. Blue ISIS then beat me up.
by Jonny_on_the_Spot November 25, 2019
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