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The liquidy excrement caused by the consumption of "gu" energy gels before and during an endurance event. pu can be found in toilets but definitive pu is seen running down the legs of long distance runners along marathon or iron man routes.

Pu is not to be confused with "the runs", aka regular diarhea, that have no direct affiliation with the act of actual running.
I eat Powerbars when I run so I don't have to worry about pu getting in my expensive running shoes.
by Jonah Ptak January 26, 2008

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(noun) The opposite of hyperbole. A gross under-exaggeration that can't possibly be true.
a hypobole: I think I scored a negative 55 on that geography quiz.
by Jonah Ptak December 02, 2007

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(verb past tense) To confuse another's statement via a combination of misunderstanding and not properly hearing the other person.

Oftentimes the result of becoming distracted mid-sentence and then snapping back only to find that the conversation has taken an unexpected turn.
He drove to the wrong movie theater?! He must've misunderheard me during dinner.
by Jonah Ptak November 23, 2007

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