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n. An difficult person who makes loud monotonous speeches.

v. See assrape

1. Al Gore is such a Pawagi!
2. Man, I totally got Pawagi'd by that final exam.
by Jon Von Neumann February 27, 2003
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n. A lively, jubilant, enthusiastic and occasionally silly individual. The opposite of pawagi

v. To trick people who have feeble minds, such as Homer Simpson

adj.(cortinaly) ecstatic, friendly, smiley
1. Jim Carey is a cortina wannabe.

2. Yo, remember how I cortina'd a hundred bucks out of that dawg who was high and trippin'?

3. In this society, people often put up a cold face rather than acting more approachable and cortinaly.

by Jon Von Neumann March 02, 2003
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