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Canad's History is a most vile of sexual act, performed only on special occasions. i.e. Birthdays, Bank Holidays, Boxer Day.

It all starts when the man puts on a Stephen Colbert Mask, comes up to the woman and tells her it is time to "prepare for some truthiness, eh?" This means its on.

Next the man Covers himself, while still wearing the mask, in pure Canadian maple syrup. He pays special attention to his genitals, here. He then inserts himself into the womans anus, who is wearing a Canadian Mountie uniform. Then he inserts his testicles in the womans' vagina. While everything is tucked in there, the woman then defecates, making the mans penis look like a Canadian Maple tree log. After this, the man takes a boot, and smacks the woman in the back of the head until he ejaculates, or until she says "aboot".

After all is said and done, they sing the Canadian Anthem together.
DUDE, I was reading Beaver magazine, and it talked about the old "Canada's History" technique.

Damn bro, thats nast.
by Jon Rochester February 04, 2010

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