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A war that happened several centuries ago. Nintendo was amongst the elder kingdoms, and Microsoft and Sony soon were on their way to becoming Top Dogs. The time eventually did come, and all hell broke loose. The Big 3 kingdoms decided to remain neutral, until an annual event by the name of E3 came along. All hell broke loose over and over. Gamers to this day argue which of the Big 3 Ancient kingdoms are better. Those kingdoms have evolved into companies. Although the annual E3 is still around today, the fighting amongst Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, is a fight of words, not weapons (unfortunately).
Note: This example is based on stereotypes, not my opinion

NintendoFanboy: We have better variety in games!
MicrosoftFanboy: We can play games like Halo on the 360 AND our computers!
SonyFanboy: Our games ALWAYS look the best!

AppleFanboy: Haha I got a phone that I can make calls AND play videogames on!

SonyFanboy: Um guys...
NintendoFanboy: Shall we?
MicrosoftFanboy: Our fighting shall resume after this!

The Big 3 Fanboys proceed to murder the AppleFanboy. Task is completed. The fighting resumes. It is unknown if the Nintendo VS Microsoft VS Sony War will ever die.
by JohnsonPwns January 25, 2012

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