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The International Baccalaureate a.k.a the I.B. or I.B.t.f.g.g meaning: I Blow Teachers for Good Grades. The (I.B.t.f.g.g) is well known among students that flunk some IB subjects due to it's complexity (biology and physics) and its abundant amount of work that does not let you have a minute alone to stimulate yourself (masturbate). The only sexual activity you get to do when you take the IB course is the blow job if you are female or a cunnilingus if you are a male (to the IB teachers of course)
The IB program is dedicated to those international young people out there who think they need this special, intriguing, fun, and exciting program to enter into a good university or college. Now this is what the IB counselor (who probably is one of the greatest persons alive in the art of telling lies) tells you and makes you believe in such a way that at one moment you think that without the IB program you will become a bum without a family, a job, a career, a wife/husband, and a house.

Now isn't this a load of bullshit, excuse my profanity, but the IB program is probably the most artificial, fabricated, and fraudulent program in history of moronic and brainwashed programs. The IB program is the perfect example of wild capitalism that's completely created for-profit.

If your parents are not forcing or obliging you to take this program, then don't do it. You will enjoy a better senior year without it; and with an abundant amount of more time free of activity, exams, art works, etc.
John: I can't masturbate tonight
Mike: Why? There's always time for that.
John: Not if you're taking International Baccalaureate

Mike: Oh, I'm so sorry, I did not know you were taking this course, I'm incredibly sorry for asking that.
by John Notch March 17, 2013
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