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MLB team in bsed in Chicago, on the southside with better consistency, not as strong of a fanbase, or having a better ball park than the Cubs, though the Sox have better food. The Sox have won more World Series than the Cubs (3 to 2), though the Cubs have more games and have a better win percentage, though the Sox have a better win percentage in the Crosstown Series, see there's no way of generalizing it, and I care about Baseball and I've liked the Sox my whole life, and I'm not some dumb ass fair weather fan, so please sox fans thumb this up so we can have one positive definition, and please Cubs fans hear me out and understand. They are a great team.
Since my parents are from the south side and moved to the north suburbs, I knew more Cubs fans, more of my friends are Cubs fans, fuck, I 've even been to quite a few of their games, but still I'm loyal to my team and stop stereotyping some of our fans, I've known as many wealthy Sox Fans as much as I've known wealthy Cubs fans. The Chicago White Sox are an amazing team.
by John with no last name August 14, 2011
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