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A person with adept skills

When a young half asian boy becomes mixed with a long submarine type sausage or hoagey. He becomes one with nature, the Jogey.

Synonym for a half japanese boy named Joe.
1.Billy: He is so in tune with nature, hes like Jogey.

2.John"Ahh he was mixed with the hoagey!!
Jogey: I am the one

3: Joe: Hey Kevin
Aldrey: Jooogggeeyyy!
by Jogey, joe Rogan November 18, 2004

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1. An acronym fo Lord of the Rings. A fantasy based novel in the depths of "Middle earth"
2. The standard for all all Nerd/fan based people united under LOTR, this can lead to addictive reading parties, Epic battle scenes the reinact, and Tea parties they enjoy while having a spoon up their ass.
1. JRR Tolkien wrote the LOTR
2. Nerd 1: LOTr Bizatch, im like so Frodo.
Nerd 2: Well if your Frodo im so Gandalf
Nerd 1: Well Gandalf can crawl up my but, becuase frankly in our RPG my lvl 16 frodo with ring power can so beat your lvl 10. Gandalf with Full shift assualt, not to mention my +6 attack with Rain of Scgajasrga!
by Jogey, Joe Rogan December 08, 2004

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