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An awards show, held on the forum of the CVG website. Yearly tradition all about taking the piss out of the Oscars and the users of the site. Features awards such as "funniest Avatar", "Most likely to be a 65 year-old man wearing a tartan shirt" and "Most likely to be a 65 year-old man wearing a tartan shirt and a kilt". Created and named by the Yak Crew (most notably, Deadmartyr, he'll never let us forget that), the name is due to the long-running in-joke of some users love of Yaks, mainly Dwyzak, J4 and the late Sixshot. Spawned from a much less popular version of the awards created by demi_atomos and cherryeater. Uses flash cartoons, websites and articles created mainly by some of the sad bastards of the forum who have too much time on their hands. Winners get handjobs from Aceman. Losers get laughed at. People not nominated feel unloved. Stretch gets laid no matter what happens. Icarus gets pwned no matter what.
"The 2004 Yakkies sucked more than Icarus at a hentai convention" - Quote from The Sunday Times, UK.

Escaped_Monkey won the Best User Yakkie.

"You'll definately win next year's Yakkie for Biggest C**t" - Often used insult.

"Shove that Yakkie up your arse" - Another insult.

"Stretch, stop sucking that Yakkie" - Jason

"Aceman = Hitler" - Quote from the 2004 Yakkies.
by JoeyJoJoJnr March 17, 2005
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