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Another word for cocaine ( Hard Cooked Rock or Soft Raw Powder ) which originated in from the West Coast: a bitter crystalline alkaloid C17H21NO4 obtained from coca leaves that is used especially in the form of its hydrochloride medically as a topical anesthetic and illicitly for its euphoric effects and that may result in a compulsive psychological need. Also used as an adjective to something that is ace, bad*, best kind, beyond compare, boss*, capital, champion, chief, choicest, cool*, crowing, culminating, finest, first, first-class, first-rate, foremost, greatest, highest, incomparable, inimitable, leading, matchless, nonpareil, number one, optimum, outstanding, paramount, peerless, perfect, pre-eminent, premium, prime, primo*, principal, sans pareil, super, superlative, supreme, terrific, tops, tough, transcendent, unequaled, unparalleled, unrivaled
187 (Deep Cover Remix) Lyrics by Dr. Dre
Nuts full of cavi and I'm headed for the bar. Scared as a motherfucker, cause I'm fresh out, But I got to make my green, and plus they all fiend ..

Stone Cold Lyrics by Nate Dogg
Damn this is a cavi beat I feel like takin time on this beat To smash you all But teachers are supposed to teach So I'ma teach and you gon' listen or else ...
by Joey Jaw Breakers February 26, 2008

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