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A person that, when drunk, becomes completely over confident and diluted; believing that they are the best looking, the smartest, the funniest, the sexiest, etc... When they don't get the attention and respect they believe afforded to a person of their stature, they become giant assholes and possibly hostile. Derived from lush. ie. 'a lush head.'

Of course, to say 'lush-head' would make you sound like a 'dick-head', it is therefore naturally abbreviated to - lush'ead.

Dude, get over yourself, Lush'ead.

When you get drunk, you get that stupid lush'ead shit-eating grin.

(edited:)'Check out 'Slick Rick' man, workin' his shit with the ladies, haha!'

'Yeah right, i bet he thinks those girls are moist with desire - look, some of them are snickering.'

'He can't see it man, he's just too much of a lush'ead...'

by JoeWoah August 14, 2006

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