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Stoner: being a stoner is more than just being a frequent user of marijuana, however, do not undermind the fact that a stoner loves and cherishes his or her weed profoundly. A stoner simply isnt a person who enjoys smoking weed. To be a stoner requires dedication. Being a stoner implies family like relations to any other person partaking in the act of inhaling such a beautiful substance.
For example:
When two aquaintences who have in the past had disagreements and constant arguements join together for their one sacred passion; all their previous thoughts of hatred toward each other dissintegrate, for they are both participitating in perhaps the only thing that brings true peace between our brothers and sisters. For those few solitary moments they are one and all negative outlooks and opinions do not exist.

A true stoner would give up his spot in the rotation, for he or she is generous and dont mind sacrificing their immediate high; for they know that no matter what they will get more pot and indulge in more of what brings them together.

A stoner isnt constricted to his marijuana. A stoner has a broad aspect on the entirety of the statement " getting f****ed up."

Although some stoners tend to be mooches; a stoner-friend will always repay with whatever he can. Karma applies in all ties of life.

A stoner would understand, appreciate, and have experienced exactly what was stated.
" My wonderful friends, Nick and Adam, are considered to be my stoner buddies; for they both know what its like to give, recieve, and get high"
by Joe Baxster February 26, 2006
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