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High End 4x4 affording luxury and status for the first 6 months of ownership. Afterwards, affords owner the oppurtunity to get to know their service department or Haynes/Chilton repair manual.

An amazing vehicle with blindly loyal followers, the Land Rover is capable of amazing off road feats barring common mechanical and electrical malfunctions.
Person sees friend in new Rover: "Dude, Carter got a new Land Rover! That thing was $60K! He's stylin' on 20" rims and AP Street Tires!"

Six Months Later: "Damn, Carter's driving his 330i again, the Rover must be in the shop."

Designer Maurice Wilks in 1948: "Wow, this U.S. Army Jeep that I drive around my property is awesome! I hear that Willys has been selling civilian versions for 3 years now! I'll convince the Rover company to build something similiar with little to none of the pluses of the design that Bantam made and Ford and Willys perfected!" "What's this galvanic corrosion people speak of?"
by Joe Bag O Donuts December 14, 2010

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