1 definition by Joe Gray

A Sweet Bro is a guy who wears Polo shirts or other preppy clothing, who is generally a jock who is obsessed with how he looks but acts like a tough guy. A Sweet Bro will constantly say "Sweet Bro" to pretty much any thing. Normally Sweet Bro's walk slower than normal and walk flexed trying to appear bigger than they are. The car of choice for the Sweet Bro is the Civic or Cavalier. A Sweet Bro is a guy who is a combination of Jock, Prep, and Partier.
Bro 1 - "Yo man, did you go to that party last weekend?"

Bro 2 - "Yeah man I got damn drunk and went around playing grabass with the rest of the football team."

Bro 1 - "Sweet Bro."
by Joe Gray June 2, 2005
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