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Danny is a sweet boy who hides his emotions and no matter how close u get with him he will always refuse to open up. Its hard to get him to love you but when he does he wont let go. When you find yourself with a Danny in your life, DONT let him go. He is precious.

Bit of a player but when he falls in love, he lets every side ting go and focuses on you entirely. I feel sorry for the people that lost him. When you lose a Danny, its hard to get him back. Life will never be the same without a Danny in your life. If your reading this you know who wrote this.
person A: I miss Danny Carey-Nash so much
person B: What happened with you and Danny???
person A: He left me

person B: well it was stupid to let him go
person A: I know.
by Jodie0137 June 26, 2021
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