1 definition by Jock Strong, Message Board Cowboy

n. Disappointing follow-up to a successful first record album. The term can be applied to a follow-up to a band's first major label release, rather than exclusively to the first release in any format, and can refer either to album sales or critical reception. Sophmore slumps often occur when a band or singer experiences far greater popularity than expected, and is pressured to release new material quickly in order to stay in the public spotlight, or when expectations of follow-up releases are simply too high to be met, due to the success of the first album. A sophomore slump can also occur when a band is ridiculously overhyped and sells millions of records to scenesters and posers, but by the time the second album rolls around even the scenesters and poser have figured out that they actually suck.
Hey, you ever heard of Vampire Weekend? Those guys are a sophomore slump just waiting to happen.
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