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Peanut Butter allows you to disperse the butter around your intromittent organ in which you can exploit a Canis lupus familiaris into exciting you, if you will. With Jam, you can not, the reason as to why this is so should be pointed directly at the digestive system of a Canis lupus familiaris. Jam is considered toxic to a Canis lupus familiaris and can result in kidney failure.
"Yo, I need to pull off a quickie, but I have no partner, whatever shall I do?" Jared exclaimed.

"Don't worry about it! Just pull a PB&J from this neat book, 'The Aberrations of Mr.PB&J'!" Jin said fiercely.

"Huh? Oh I got you! A PB&J!" Jared said dumbfoundedly.
by Jin Sin July 15, 2010
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