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MRHS is a large high school in Des Moines, Wa. Everyone living in Des Moines went there. The people at this school are either completely uninvolved stoner slacker Running Start students, or overinvolved preppy kids trying to salvage what little school spirit we have. There are maybe 2 parties per year, both of which are probably thrown by over zealous 5th year seniors. There are a lot of drug dealers, and twice as many snitches. The few good looking girls are complete sluts, like nasty hos, and all of the decent guys only lust after Kennedy girls. Most kids graduate and stay in Des Moines for the rest of their lives, probably working at Wesley Homes or the Gardens. Basically, unless your in "that group", welcome to hell for the next four years. You'll probably graduate being a pill popper with a 1.4. Oh also, we lose every single homecoming game.
Q:Hey are you going to that Mount Rainier High School party?
A:No, they're homos.
by Jimmy Mc. Deeny February 07, 2010
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