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The group of people you conceptualize as individuals & can empathize with. All humans outside of it are more or less just a walking bag of flesh, blood & bones that just so happen to be the same species as you. The maximum number of people that can be kept in a monkeysphere is estimated to be around 150.
Person 1: Look at that nerd!
Person 2: Hey! That's STEVEN.
Person 1: You know him?
Person 2: Yeah, he's in my monkeysphere.
Person 1:......Your what now?
by jillianimal March 07, 2011

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(am-no-liht) abstaining from romantic partnerships. Like with celibacy, which is abstaining from sexual relations, there are a number of reasons a person may choose to be amnolite. These reasons may be simply wanting to take a break from romance for whatever reason, no desire pursuing a romantic relationship with their crush to begin with or are aromantic*.

The period of time being amnolite is amnolitacy.

*Aromantics do not experience romantic attraction. Some aromantics may give romantic relationships a try to experiment or for some form of intimacy. While it's possible for them to become emotionally close to & care for their romantic partner they can not reciprocate romantic feelings.
Person A: Heeyy, do you think we can go out sometime tomorrow afternoon? Maybe go...
Person B: Sorry, I'm amnolite.
Person A: Oh....kay =/
by Jillianimal January 07, 2012

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