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She is an amazing girl and amazing friend. She is and amazing person to be with, she loves to sing and make people smile and laugh.she has black or dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is sweet and kind. And most of the time shy but when you get to know her she is the most awesome out going person you will ever meet. She is smart,beautiful,and talented.Nailyn is the person who will make you feel better at any time you look at her or walks into room,and every time she walks in to a room she lights it up like you have never seen before. Nailyn makes every day special. So if you have a Nailyn as a girlfriend or a best friend hold on to her cause if you don't it will make your life miserable. Be glad to gave an outstanding Nailyn.~Gianna
Nailyn is awesome!

You wish you had such an amazing girl!

Nailyn is tge most inspiring person ever!
by Jhosyln September 06, 2017

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