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To have no discernible talent, but just a rather strange desire to be in the public eye. Either to make it as a high paid karaoke singer, and be voted for by people who need to be taught to suck eggs, while laughably lame ‘producers’ like Simon Cowell paid stupid amounts to say the sky is blue, and he/she cannot sing. This can be applied to anyone whose mothers told them they had ‘talent’, and it is also versatile enough to be applied to people who have found fame by either:

1.) Getting their saggy tits out
2.) Being wealthy and sucking some dick
3.) Having wealthy parents and snorting coke
4.) Being a 'reality celebrity'
5.) Going on pop dross, love shit, sad survivor, I am a has been please kill me, or big yawn

If you subscribe to this word please find a motorway and walk in the middle of it.
Bernie: Oh jesus look there is that inbred horse fucker Tara Palmer Boy Child, what is she doing on TV again?

Frank: Shit, she is such a Pants idol Bernie, lets club together and get her killed.
by Jezmarta August 10, 2005
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