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The Killtacular is not just a medal from the Halo series, but it is also a sex move! The act of placing your thumb on her clitoris and smoothly massaging it while inserting your index and middle fingers in her Vagina and caressing the G-Spot. Next place your last 2 fingers (ring and pinky) into her anus. Meanwhile massage her boobs using your remaining hand while you are making out with each other preferably in the 'Deep Thrust' position. This type of sexual gratification will surely make any lady squirt with glee and quick lee! This is pretty much the 'Shocker' on steroids.

As a bonus, you can add to this by pinching her nipple while fondling her boobs with your leftover hand and French-kissing her as well. That is called the Killimanjaro!
shocker sex fuck intercourse getting laid KIlltacular Killimanjaro
by Jet the Pirate May 7, 2017
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