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When hipsters intentionally misspell words, using common internet lingo such as srsly, n' junk, LAWLZ, and wtfbbq to be ironic. However, they do it so often they they are no longer being ironic and instead, just incredibly stupid. This often occurs in kids who frequent 4chan.
Indie Kid: OH HAI THERE.
Regular Kid: Hey.
Indie Kid: want 2 halp mii weth mah engli-lish paperz?
Regular Kid: Sure, why not.
Indie Kid:okay so my thesis is like haow the counterculture made the interwebz and junk rite, so i got that down but naow im at the part where its like O BUT HOW DOES THAT MAKE AMERIKA A MORE OPEN MINDED PLACE? HUH? HUH? so wat do i say.
i said bout the internets how NE1 kan sez NEthang they wantz n junk
Regular Kid:I'm sorry i cant read that language, but exactly.
Indie Kid: My ironic bad spelling is no longer becoming ironic, isn't it?
Regular Kid: yes, a bad case of Misspellrony.
by Jesus McApple January 08, 2008
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