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This term typically describes a form of doggy style sex in which the male or otherwise equipped individual begins doggy style sex with a female except with a running start. Very often this can come as a surprise to the female and is generally not recommended to be done to a female who is not properly prepared to receive such a dramatic first strike. It is possible in both lower orifices although anal is typically not recommended. Major injury may be caused. Certain more devious males may perform this action without notice and in some cases have been known to use a war-like cry to cause the female to abruptly jerk up exposing her anus as a more viable target. Because men were not made with proper targeting systems, the desired orifice may be missed. For those truly determined to attempt this it is recommend that slower practice runs be made first.
"I was down for some doggy but that son of a bitch pulled a speeding motorist!"

"I begged him for a speeding motorist but he was afraid he'd break me."

"I gave her a real surprise, when she turned back I gave her a speeding motorist so strong she flew off the other side of the bed."

"She dumped me the moment I started toward her for a speeding motorist."
by Jesus 2.0 February 13, 2007
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