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Ted is a well known clown who resides in New York city. He can be found hanging out with teenagers despite the fact that he is nearing senior citizenship.
His haircut is commonly referred to as "The Ted". Witnesses have claimed that it resembles a botched lobotomy.
You too can sport "The Ted", just go to your local barber, ask him to shave the sides of your head, and hit you in the back of the head with a ice pick a few times.
Dick Pound - Holy fuck! Is that an escaped mental patient?

Magnus Ver Magnusson - No dick, its just a man with a haircut resembling that which is referred to as "The Ted"
by Jeremy Bklyn January 02, 2011

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No comprende is a illegal immigrant worker who, by his own claim, does not understand.

Eyewitnesses claim that he did not comprende.

His vocabulary consists of two words, no, and comprende.
Student- Ahh my legs! Somone call 911! *falls over* Help Me!

No comprende- No comprende

Mico- You wake up like this papi

No comprende- No comprende
by Jeremy Bklyn January 02, 2011

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