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An emo kid, is someone who listens to emo music and wears the emo style.

For boys the emo style is:
black, or multi-Colored hair, with side bangs
tight band t-shirts, or shirts with funny slogans
tight jeans
lip ring (usually)
eyeliner (sometimes)
studded belt, or a sparkly girly belt
converse all stars (hi-top or lo-top) checkered vans, or any other type of vans for that matter.
tons of braceletes, and wristbands

Emo Girl:
chin lengh or longer hair
black or white blonde hair
headbands in hair (usually in a bright color)
tight band t-shirts or brand name clothes
studded belts, sometimes girly belts
converse all stars (hi-top or low-top) checkered vans or any other type of vans
lip ring or septum piercing or nose ring (sometimes)
necklaces, big beads, chokers, bracelets, and wristbands.

Emo Kids usually dress in the style stated above and they listen to emo or screamo music. Examples of emo and screamo bands are:
dashboard confessional, taking back sunday, alexisonfire, juliana theory, silverstein, etc.

Please note:
Emo Kids aren't always depressed, they don't all have eating disorders, and emo does not mean you are a cutter.
'Normal' Kid: Hey! Look its Jill the stupid depressed emo girl!
'Normal' Kid: Why do you listen to songs that say cut my wrists then you stupid cutter?
Jill/Emo Girl: I like the music...its the same as you listening to songs saying I shoot hoes...just because a song says something doesn't mean the person who listens to it copies it...so go away now.
'Normal' Kid: Okay then (mumbles under breath) stupid emo kids
by Jen_The_Ripper May 27, 2006

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