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Gezellig isn't literally translated in English. It doesn't excist anywhere else yet can be created everywhere. The originally Dutch expression has different meanings, but in general it stand for something great/fun and usually you'll say it after some kind of happening. Pronounce gezellig as 'cha-se-lik' and all Dutch locals will love you for it.
Enthousiasm Shall we go to the party at Leidseplein? great, we'll join you - since it is always 'gezellig'.

Fun It seems everybody enjoyed the swimming pool. Dinner afterwards was also very 'gezellig'.

Good Vibe Last year going on a trip with them was 'gezellig', I'd like to go again this summer.

Cosy You're birthday was 'gezellig'. I really love your friends and family.
by Jefflicious May 11, 2017
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