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I don't know if your definitions are correct or not. Mine actually has no definition. In 1971, while at the University of Oregon, I read how the word "quiz" came into being--a non-existanct word created by a couple of men during a bet in New York. Since I was into practical jokes, I convinced a couple of friends that we could do the same thing. There was no word "quimp" in the dictionary and it sounded innocent enough, so we began the process. We started using it in our everyday language, began etching it into our desks (with ballpoint pens, wrote it on sidewalks and walls in chalk, painted a banner with the word and hung it from the tallest building on campus, etc. Eventually, the campus newspaper wrote an article asking what this seemingly new word meant. I even asked a few "know-it-alls" what it meant--they called me stupid and naive and said that, "everybody knows it means a 'queer pimp.'" We thought that was funny and finally ordered car license plates with the word "quimp" and drove it all over Eugene, Oregon for about a year. The last step was in starting an intramural sports team, which competed all over campus in sports such as football, basketball, bowling, track, golf, baseball, etc. And you guessed it, we called ourselves the Quimps. We won first place that year--1973. So, I don't know if this is the origin of the word or not, but I wanted to pass this on to you.
If I am correct, there is no actual definition for the word quimp. When we created it, we would simply use it in a phrase such as: "you quimp!"
by Jeff Adler February 03, 2007

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