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The pose of holding one's knuckle above your chin and holding a pose. Started by B-Boys and now has spread to the douche bag population.
Often used by guys who get their photos taken at the mall or in their myspace photo. Often seen in group party photos.
Can be used to decribe the pose or the person holding the pose.
Girl 1(while staring at photos on Facebook)
I can't believe I was so drunk I hooked up with that guy.
Girl 2
Let me guess...The Douchy.

Girl 1

I am never drinking again.
by Jeep Terp November 18, 2009
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The cool guy move used by douchebags to show how cool they are.
It is done with a thumb on the jaw with the pointer finger moving back and forth in a wiping motion back and forth under the mouth.
The Douchy
Friend 1:Hey which one is the guy that asked you out?

Friend 2: The guy in the wife beater nodding and giving us the douchy wipe.
by Jeep Terp November 18, 2009
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