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Armand’s are one of the most interesting people. As a first impression, an Armand may seem like a jerk, weird, and dominating, but these traits aren’t who they truly are and they are merely a mask. If you manage to get with an Armand, consider yourself the luckiest of the luckiest. Armand’s like to play the field but when they truly like someone, they will stay with that person forever to the point where they will almost never leave you alone. Even as a friend, if treated with respect and trust, they will never leave you and will want to spend every minute with you. Don’t be feared by an Armand’s dominating personality, as they are incredibly soft on the inside and will go through great lengths to hide it as they see it being a weakness.
Jessica: What’s the name of your boyfriend

Nicole: Oh, hes an Armand
Jessica: Armand? He’s a jerk
Nicole: Actually, he’s fairly sweet once you get to truly know him
by Jayehay34 June 2, 2021
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