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some who is fun to have sex with
by Jaws March 04, 2003
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First seen in Mexican pornography during the late 70s. Mexican tear maker is an act where a man would ejaculate in to a woman's nostrils. Causing tears to come out of the woman's eyes.
Bill: Why is Ramona crying Joe?
Joe: I just gave her a massive tear maker.
by jaws January 25, 2005
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When a woman defecates in an another woman's chest while wearing a g-string or a thong. The feces that lands in the woman's chest usually splits in to two pieces.
When I was in Mexico, I witness this gorgeous woman give a Mexican Banana Split. It was amazing... There was stress show in the receiver's face.
by jaws February 10, 2005
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A nickname, commonly short for Jocelyn.
Hehe, Jaws should see this...
by Jaws March 25, 2005
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